Radio Drinking Game


What is RDG?

Radio Drinking Game (RDG) is a game in which participants are rewarded for correctly predicting the songs that will play from a chosen music source – originally and traditionally a top-40 radio station. Predictions are made through a draft system in which RDG participants are analogous to sports teams and songs to hopeful athletes. In the event of a correct prediction, the person or team that drafted the song earns points and penalizes other players by assigning drinking sentences which must be completed before the song ends. 


Play RDG while...

Radio Drinking Game is great at parties because you can play while doing just about anything else at the same time.  As long as the music continues, you can play RDG while playing games, grilling, or simply talking with your friends.

Find the rules  in the Downloads section below.


Dowload the Free App

The Radio Drinking Game app is free on Android and iPhone. The app makes it much easier to play RDG and to keep score. Patent: Pending

I am in the market for an app developer to build RDG v.2.0. Contact me at if interested.

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Radio Drinking Game App Tutorial

A quick explanation of how to set up and use the free RDG app.


The complete rules for Radio Drinking Game and an abridged version for use with the app.